This article is based on an interview Cardinal Oswald Gracias has given to LGBT blogsite:

Introduction: The church is home both for saints and sinners alike and no one can be ostracized from the church who have chosen to accept the sound teachings of Christ, handed down to Ossieus through the teachings of the apostles of Christ Jesus and wants to remain in it.

Yet like the prodigal son mentioned in the parable found in the gospel of Luke Chapter 15: 11ff, the church in the spirit of the father of the prodigal son looks with concern at those prodigals, without approving of their sinful actions.

People who choose to remain in the bondage of sin, opt to be like the prodigal son who chose the riches and pleasures of the world rather than the happiness and joy present in the Father’s house.

The modern day prodigals have become bold, deceptive and manipulative, making every attempt to also be part of the father’s house even as they want to continue to live in the abys of sin publically through crafty interpretation of the teachings of Christ and his church. What is more, they seem to have managed to deceive those in the hierarchy who have been ever willing to listen to their deceptively empirical logic.

No one, even the highest ranking official, has the right to legitimize the actions of the men and women who, like the prodigal son, opt to remain in lustful sin, living the life of the beast; as understood in the light of the insight given to us by scripture.

It is beastly to live in such sin and to seek the allure thereof. Some who envy those who are living the dignified life in the father’s house, despite their pulls, are behaving worse than the prodigal son. He at least chose to walk out from his father’s house and only when he came to his senses (Lk.15:17) decided to return. But unlike this prodigal son the modern day Prodigal sons consisting of the openly and defiantly manifesting gays and lesbians, want the best of both world: the life of sin and pleasure and the happiness and comfort of the fathers house too.

The fathers house, which is the Church, is meant only for those who want to live according to the rules of the father’s house, even if they too may have the tendencies for the pulls and attractions of the world like the prodigal son (Lk. 11:29); a desire also expressed by the elder son too but he knew where to weigh his decision.

What is worse there are those sponsorers and godfathers of the new type of prodigal sons, among the highest offices of the hierarchy in the Catholic Church who have chosen to back these prodigals mindlessly, often unilaterally either like despots or manipulators or both. They have chosen to abuse their position and power they wield in the Church of God.

One such godfather and sponsor, who has acted as betrayer of the faith of Christ is none other than one of the 9 advisers to the Pope and also one of the 10 members drafting committee for the synod; Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay, India.

He has proved himself as a heretic and apostate on several occasions and is once again proving himself to be so by going against the sound teaching of Christ Jesus and the sound teachings handed down to us over a period of time. He has failed the Christian community at all levels in the church and his continuing in office is detrimental to the survival of the Catholic faith in its originality and authenticity.

If the good man of the house (Mt. 13:27) himself seeks to sow the weeds and directs his servants too to do the same and thus acts like the enemy then what is remained?

Here bellow, I have surgically isolated some of the serious erroneous statements made in an interview to “New Ways Ministry” – A so called LGBT Catholic group seeking legitimacy in the Catholic Church but banned by the Vatican.

The interview has appeared on the following blogsite of NWM:

NWM: The Banned Organization: What is wrong with giving interview to a group like “New Way Ministry”: The fact that they are an organized deviant group that publically seeks legitimacy in itself goes contrary to catholic moral teachings. What is more, the group theologizes and seeks to interpret Jesus Christ and the doctrines and sacred history of the church from the Homophilic point of view.

In keeping with their agenda, and as the name of their organization itself suggests, it is far removed from the true Catholic tradition from which they are seeking to deviate towards a “newness” that cannot be Christian in any sense of the term.

The Cardinal Oswald Gracias: Has quite a reputation for abuse of his power and position as head of the local church of Bombay, India.  In the late 1980’s a group called “The Catholics for the Preservation of Faith” which at one time was in confrontation with the local church for serious erroneous teachings and its support towards a serious erroneous doctrine, exposed the Cardinal for manipulating the verdict of the inquiry held against the erroneous group called the “Emmanuel Prayer group”.

Another group called the “Association of Concerned Catholics” has also been exposing serious financial and administrative scams in the Archdiocese under the same Cardinal for long. Monetary wise, these scams amount to Crores of Indian Rupees.

There has also been abundant complaints of manipulation of the processes of Law in granting annulments and violations of the laws of the church. Only a close scrutiny of the documents will reveal the abuses committed.

One of the most serious violations has been the abuse of Canon Law of which he is considered an international expert and also the violation of the more stringent law on the sacrament, viz. Sacramentorum Sanctitatis Tutela. He uses his influence in the Curia and with the Pope to suppress the grave violation. One of the key victim of this violation is Fr. Conrad Saldanha, the author of this article. The reason for such attacks on him: For exposing the violations in teaching sound doctrine, even by some of the leading Bishops of the Archdiocese, including the Cardinal himself.

By his act and erroneous teachings His eminence has now become a pre-eminent menace to the church and is leading the church into the abys of hell. (May be like many of his theologians he too doesn’t believe in the doctrine of hell)

His most recent action of allowing himself to be interviewed by the Vatican banned “New Ways Ministry” gives us a taste of his proficiency in heretical teachings, which amounts to Apostasy. As far as the “New Ways Ministry” were concerned they were more than elated to receive one of their own. They proudly proclaimed this about him:  “He is the only religious leader who opposed an initiative to recriminalize LGBT people, has urged his priests to be more sensitive in their language about LGBT people, spoke out for better pastoral care during last year’s extraordinary synod, and met with the Chair of Quest, the United Kingdom’s Catholic LGBT group.” – as quoted by the Blog article in its introduction to the interview they carried with him.

In keeping with the theme of the synod, viz. “Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and in the Contemporary World”, one wonders what has the LGBT and their pastoral care to do with the Family?

The fact that he gave this interview to a group that is condemned by the Vatican in itself suggests a rebellious stubbornness to be extra-synodal and could even be a way of being the precursor; preparing the way for the Pope to come out with an encyclical favoring homosexual legitimacy through a cleverly devised language of which he is an adept.

From the interview to the “New Ways Ministries” it seems evident from statements made by Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, India, once head of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and also head of the Asian Bishops conference, one of Pope Francis’s 9 advisor and now one of the 10 members in the final drafting committee, that he has acted extra-synodal and is capable of a similar harm in the drafting process of the final document. I have listed down some of the erroneous points made by the Cardinal and which needs to be read in the light of the sound doctrine mentioned at the start, in the light of the story of the Prodigal son: (His quotes verbatim in the given interview has been put into inverted coma’s: “……”. Lest you may not be deceived by the irresponsible logic of the Cardinal, kindly read my introduction at the beginning of this article again)

  1. The Archbishop was in complete favor of decriminalizing homosexuality from the Indian Constitution and thus being favorable to it. He further lays claim that he has been solely responsible to communicate this to the world, without taking his Auxiliaries or the other Bishops of the Church in India into confidence. (Is this a collegial or Synodal spirit? Such duplicity of expressing compassion on the one hand and then acting despotic is not new and what is more such actions are often loaded with a heavy dose of misrepresentation and falsehood). To affirm this autocratic attitude, he asserts: “I was I think gradually others will come to see what I am saying.  It’s so clear in my mind.  This is what the Church would want.  I’m convince that eventually it will be de-criminalized.  It’s a question of time.” (emphasis mine, also of great concern is the taking for granted that his mind is the mind of the church: How can a heretical view be the Church’s mind? Where is the post Vatican Church of collegiality? If his personal view and conviction has to be the view of the church, then he surely is a false prophet; a messenger of Satan)

The interviewer affirms the authoritarian dictator thus: “When I read about your stand on the civil law, I read that you were the only religious leader in India to oppose re-criminalization. How did you find the courage to be the only one? (The one and only One, he stands among them as the leader to lead the church astray)

  1. “I was convinced. I think gradually others will come to see what I am saying.  It’s so clear in my mind.  This is what the Church would want.  I’m convince that eventually it will be de-criminalized.  It’s a question of time.” (Heretical thoughts sowed in hope, so that tomorrow it will become the law, because the word ‘hope’ too is found in the Christian lexicon! – Alas for the insidious methods of the deceivers!)
  1. “To not be welcoming would not be a Catholic attitude. It would not be Christ’s attitude, certainly. We have to be very compassionate, understanding, and open to people.” (This is deception! There have been abundant instances when Christ has not been too welcoming in his attitude, especially to those so called righteous and those who stood justified in their own understanding. (Mt. 15:24,26;16:12; Jn. 1:11) Even the Apostles carried the same attitude of selective welcoming or rejection, based on discernment. (Rom 16:17; 2 Cor. 6: 14-16; Eph. 5:7; 2 Tim 3:5; I Pt. 4:4; 2 Jn 10)
  1. When asked by the interviewer: Did you receive a backlash or criticism for your stand? His reply was thus: “Not much.  There were a few.  There were some theologians who said they disagreed with me. But that was an intellectual discussion, and I was happy about that because it allowed me to sharpen my thoughts on the matter. But there was no campaign against what I said.”He has no value for theological feedback from his theologians. What matters is his thoughts: I, Me and myself. He has begun to think that he is infallible; an irresponsible autocratic behavior. Perhaps it seems that a campaign would have worked!
  1. “Homosexuality is not fully out of the closet in India.  The atmosphere is not so open in the civil society to be able to have people openly come and declare themselves.”  (Nihil Obstat and his seal of imprimatur to the Homosexuals to come in the open for seeking legitimacy and the Cardinal will give it and he has assured it here too)
  1. As a matter of fact a gay association asked me if I would say Mass for them.  I said, “Absolutely. No difficulty whatsoever.  I said to them they should keep in mind that they would suddenly be coming out into the open. For me, it’s not a problem. (What problem can the Cardinal have in abusing the sacrament as the Pope’s appointee to the congregation on Divine worship and also as self-appointed chairman of the forthcoming National Eucharistic Congress; you name the grave abuses of his and he knows that he can escape the noose here on earth at any level. But you can’t fool all the people all the time! We do not know what other sacrilegious acts he may have performed with these at the Eucharist.)
  1. When asked: Do you see any gifts that lesbian and gay people bring to the Church? His answer was thus: “But the people I have met have impressed me very much by their sincerity, wanting to help the Church, generosity, Is this specific to them or just because they happen to be who they are?  So, I can’t generalize.  But all I have met have been good people, wanting to dedicate themselves to work for the Church” (Can a group of people thinking and acting contrary to the laws of the church be working for the good of the church? The Cardinal who thinks likewise is in a serious satanic delusion; that he can and so too these who oppose the laws of Christ can do so. Can one rob Peter to pay Paul? The end doesn’t justify the means but the Cardinal has always managed to do so with great success because he is an expert Spin doctor) He considers these who seek to obstinately violate the law of God and openly justify it as people of “sincerity” (like himself who apparently too appears extra sincere than any crook born of a woman!) and “good people”. (Mk. 10:18; Lk. 18:19: Here Jesus reveals to us that God alone as good)
  1. Concerning the Synod discussion he says: “I don’t expect us to be able to say very much more specific on this.”  (The spin doctor at work; how to say two things in one single statement or speaking with one forked tongue: With them but with you more! Shocking but true! He continues in this tradition of similar deception in the whole interview)
  1. “There’s very clearly a North American-European stance on this topic.  How we as a Church, as the universal Church, can take something on board, is something that we have to consider. That is really key” (By erroneously categorizing the issue as North American-European centered issue  and seeking for means and ways to take it up on board he has further given his seal of approval to this controversial issue and a subtle condemnation of those outside this so called ‘stance’, as being insensitive.)
  1. “It should be done gently. I’m glad you brought this up. I think there would be an acceptance of saying “Let’s use gentler language, not judgemental language.” – This means, according to Cardinal Oswald Gracias words like ‘disorder’ and ‘evil’ should no longer be used. In other words keep these LGBT’s where they are and don’t make attempts through pastoral action to rehabilitee them or let your pastoral action be that of keeping them where they are.
  1. “I think most have never had direct contact or discussion.  I have a feeling about that.  For them, it’s just a theoretical opinion, but you really don’t come down to the person.  When you really see a person, you speak to a person, and understand the anxiety.” (A new way of theologizing, rampant in the Archdiocese, an ascending Christology, a sociological perspective are some ways of looking at this mindset of this Cardinal. In other words, overlook the most serious doctrine and listen to people. As if what has been revealed to us by divine origin is faulty.)
  1. “The whole thing about the origin of sexual orientation has not been studied in-depth.  Some say that it’s a choice.  I see that it is not a choice for many people, so it’s not fair to say it is.  In that sense, we are not open enough.” (Do we need to know the origin of sexual orientation in the first place from in-depth study? Do we ignore revelation if it contradicts or has a divergent view vis-a-vis what comes through by the Cardinals “in-depth study”? Are theological and traditional teachings on the subject not enough? But the greatest problematic is this: the Cardinal has caught the bull by the tail by looking at the public avowal and justification of homosexuality as a legitimate act. By not understanding the issue at hand from the spiritual and theological angle, as is evident from this interview, the Cardinal has proved his brains. In fact the greatest need of the church today is to discuss a legitimate solution of healing the condition through prayer, sacramental confession, healing and deliverance rather than talk about mercy, communion and embrace which in the end is no mercy but eternal condemnation.)
  1. “I would say the Church embraces you, wants you, and the Church needs you.  You are not someone who is a burden to the Church.  The Church needs you. You are part of us. We’d like to help you, we’d like to see you more clearly.  We are struggling to see how to help you more with pastoral care” (1. What scrap? From what theological view point do you talk to these publically professed offenders and welcome them and feel the need for them? If it was the prodigal son who has come to his senses and acknowledges the evil thereof then we can welcome him to the bosom of the Father, manifest through the Church’s pastoral ministry? Do you want their corroding contribution to eat into the moral fibre of the Church? What pastoral care can you provide when you yourself, supposed to have the fullness of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and being the first exorcist in your Archdiocese, have never performed exorcism on an actual case? What is more you in your Archdiocese have been a serious violator in encouraging ‘new Age’ methods to provide pastoral care to your people. It proves how much of authentic pastoral care and concern you have for people who struggle.)
  1. “I’d also say, “Don’t get discouraged.”  At the last synod there was just one official intervention on this topic; in group discussions it would come out much more. This time there were a few more. So, I would say to [LGBT people], “Hold on.  It is certainly not the end. We are still in the process, and we will find a way.” (The man with the thickest ever skin or may be an impenetrable hide seem to be bent on accommodating the Prodigal son who wants the best of both worlds)
  1. I would say the Church embraces you, wants you, and the Church needs you.  You are not someone who is a burden to the Church.  The Church needs you. You are part of us. We’d like to help you, we’d like to see you more clearly.  We are struggling to see how to help you more with pastoral care. (Can a man who wants to live in obstinate sinfulness, despite there being a solution for such a deviant state, be welcome in the Cardinal Oswald’s usurped Church which has no solution to solve their problems but instead recognizes their problem as acceptable lifestyle? Your embracing them may solve the problem because a new religion will be born through the ministry of a false prophet who listens to no one but self and is all the more convinced when corrected.)

Fr. Conrad Saldanha

Prisoner of the faith

St. Pius College, Seminary

Mumbai, India